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    Title I Parent Involvement Policy
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    In the River Forest Title I Program, we recognize that when parents are involved, students achieve more and display increasing positive attitudes and behaviors.  It is our goal to confer with parents, to encourage parent involvement on every level, and to create a welcoming atmosphere for all parents. 


    Involvement Policies

    I.                    At the inception of each instructional year, Title I families will receive verbal notification at the Annual Parent Night that their child will receive Title I supplemental instruction through our School-wide Title Program.  If requested, written notification will include the following:


    ·      The subject area in which your child will receive Title I supplemental services


    ·      How the student was selected for services


    ·      When, where, and how the student will receive Title I instruction


    ·      Complaint policy and procedures; the necessary forms to address the complaint; how these complaints will be addressed; and how parents will gain assurance that their complaint has been properly addressed, investigated, and resolved


    ·      Rights of parents and the procedure for refusal of Title I services


    ·      Additional information will be distributed to parents in the manner preferred by the majority of parents who completed the parent survey.


    ·      Results of tests required by the Indiana Department of Education (such as ISTEP, grades 3-8) in Reading Comprehension, Written Communication, and Mathematics will be shared with parents.  Writing rubrics and their application to writing samples will also be shared when grade level appropriate. 



    II.                 Parents will have an opportunity to annually review the Title I Parent Involvement Policy.  Suggestions for revision will be solicited from parents and will be incorporated when adopted. The revised policy will be distributed to all Title I parents.


    III.               An annual Title I informational meeting will be conducted for all parents/guardians of Title I students.  Notification for the annual parent meeting will be accomplished before the end of October.    The meeting will be held at a time convenient for the majority of Title I parents.  Parents will be notified at least one week in advance of the annual meeting.  The rights of parents and the responsibility of the school will be discussed.


    IV.              All required communications required by No Child Left Behind that was not previously disseminated by Central Office will be distributed and/or discussed at the beginning of the school year. 


    V.                 Title I parents will receive information concerning Indiana’s Standards that correspond to their student’s grade level.


     VI.      Elementary Title I programs will devise and maintain an up-dated informational center at a convenient location within each school.  The center will include;


    ·      Activities for parents  and families within the school and community


    ·      Information concerning PTO


    ·      Requests for volunteers


    VII.      All Title I personnel and building principals will be well informed and able to discuss with parents:


    ·      Parental involvement opportunities including programs, activities, procedures, and policies


    ·      The Mission Statement of your child’s school


    ·      Goals as listed in the building’s School Improvement Plan.


    ·      The procedures whereby the school’s improvement strategies are reviewed and revised as needed


    VIII.     As requested by classroom teachers, Title I staff will team with classroom teachers to participate in the building’s annual Parent Conference Days.


    IX.       Parent Involvement Activities, such as Family Night, will be planned for the school year in consort with parents.  Activities will include providing parents with information regarding ways in which they can help students achieve mastery of Indiana’s Standards.  


       I have reviewed the above policy and agree with the provisions as stated.


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Last Modified on February 25, 2013