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    Objective: Students will become knowledgeable in current events. Students will also gain the ability to comprehend the diversity within the current events throughout the United States and world. At the conclusion of the semester, students will gain an elective credit with the completion of participation in daily discussions, quizzes, projects, and a cumulative final exam. Students must receive a minimum of an 80% to earn a credit for this class.

    Mission:  In an effort to help students identify with current issues taking place within the world, the Channel One News broadcast will be shown each Monday, Wednesday & Friday. This 15 minute show captures the day’s top headlines, and presents it to students in a way they can enjoy. Students will be responsible for paying attention during the broadcast, and their participation will serve as the foundation for classroom discussions. Along with paying attention and participating in class discussions, students will be responsible for taking and successfully passing 2 forms of assessments. A 15 question multiple choice quiz that revisits the top stories of the week, organizational acronyms, as well as a grade level appropriate vocabulary will be issued. The quizzes will be weekly and will account for 50% of the total grade. By passing the necessary assessment, students will display the cognitive ability to comprehend and apply the material they have been presented. Throughout the course of the semester, students will have the opportunity to participate in multiple activities as a result of watching Channel One News. News mapping, an improved vocabulary, gaining positive small group speaking confidence and Jeopardy style trivia are just a few examples of how students will benefit from being well informed individuals. As a culminating activity, students will be required to either submit a final project or pass a cumulative final exam. The final assessment portion of the course will count for 30% of their total grade. In addition to Channel One News, students will research a current events topic and participate in a class discussion on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These discussions will serve to keep students informed on events that have happened both in the past and present. Also students will gain valuable research and in-class speaking skills necessary for educational advancement. Students will be given 15 minutes to find a news topic of their interest from the last decade (2001-2011) using the internet. The article must directly correlate with the given date of the activity. Students must research and chose an event found in either a newspaper archive or other school related website. After finding an article, students must document important information and record it on a current events worksheet given to them before each activity. Students will then share with the class the article they found in an open forum by identifying the source, event, outcome and giving one personal thought. Students can pick from topics such as: sports, world, local news, politics, recent history, and entertainment.


    Result: The main objective of exposing students to the Channel One News broadcast is to change the overall way of thinking among students. Having the opportunities and resources to improve the mindset of our students would be a valuable asset to the River Forest/Lake Station Academic Alternative Program. Allowing students to gain knowledge of current issues that pertain to them is vital to the development of their academic career. The skills obtained by holding class discussions and watching Channel One News would benefit each student and would prepare them for life both inside and outside of the classroom.




    Credit Breakdown                                                                              How credits are earned                                                     

    Notes, Participation & Discussion- 20%                       Notes: points received/points possible x .20=

    Vocabulary & weekly Quizzes- 50%                               Vocab.& weekly Quiz: points received/points possible x .50=

    Final Exam-30%                                                                 Final Exam: points received/points possible x .30=


    Total quiz points possible= 135(15 per week/9weeks)

    Total discussion points possible= 90 (5 per day/9 weeks)  **Tuesday & Thursday only

    Total final exam points possible=50 (1 final per 9 weeks)


    ** Student must pass both 9 weeks in order to earn a semester elective credit on their transcript.



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