Mrs. Otero
    7th grade Social Studies
    ABOUT ME!!!
    I have been working at River Forest for 9 years.  I have taught 6th grade Social Studies for 8 years, and am now in my first year of teaching 7th grade Social Studies.   I coach 6th grade girls volleyball and I am also the head coach of the Varsity girls softball team.
    Education: I attended Marian College from 2001-2003 where I received an athletic scholarship to play softball.  I finished up my education at IUN in 2006 receiving a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education.
    I have been married to Ben Otero for 10 years and we have two children together: Maria (9) and Lauren (5).

    Here are some of my FAVORITE websites:
    WWW.HISTORY.COM: good for any and all things related to History.  On this website you can browse videos, photos, and articles.  This is also a good resource for finding information on a variety of topics in History.  Watch History Channel TV?  You can watch clips and/or episodes online!!!
    WWW.SHEPPARDSOFTWARE.COM: one area I focus all year on is MAP SKILLS.  This website has fun, educational games that include interactive maps!!! You can choose an area throughout the world and any skill level to test your knowledge on location, landforms, or capitals.
    WWW.MRDONN.ORG: This website was created by a 7th grade Social Studies teacher. Scroll down and in the boxes you can choose any area of History you would like to learn more about.  This website also gives additional resources that are linked directly on the page. 
    Classroom Rules and Expectations
                                 Be Polite
                                 Be Prompt
                                  Be Prepared
                                  Be Positive
                                  Be Productive 


Last Modified on November 4, 2015