Evans 4th Grade Boys’ Basketball Team


    Our 4th grade boys finished the 2011 basketball season with a 5-0 record.  After defeating Meister 32-13, the first day of the tournament, we returned to play RFE for the championship.  The boys worked really well together as a team to win the tournament 13-5 .  Luis Morales, Moises Montes, and Kyle Moore contributed points to the team’s victories throughout the season.  Good sportsmanship was shown in all games by all of the teams.  The 4th graders who participated were:  Luis Morales, Tristen Witt, Austin Vergis, Daniel Bredicean, Moises Montes, Kyle Moore, and Tylor West. 




    Evans 5th Grade Boys’ Basketball Team


    The 5th grade boys’ team completed the 2011 basketball season with a 4-1 record.  The first day of the tournament we defeated Meister 9-2.  After returning the next day to play RFE, the boys won the championship game 19-13.  Season scorers were:  Jose Rey, Bradley Groover, Josiah Zambrana, Ramon Baez, Keymah Murray, and AJ Garza.  The 5th grade roster consisted of :  Jose Rey, Bradley Groover, Josiah Zambrana, Keymah Murray, Ramon Baez, Martin Camacho, Zack Mullens, Keith Davis, and AJ Garza.  We would like to thank the following people for donating their time to make this season successful:  Marc Purtee, Dean Wolfe, Dylan McPhee, Benny Medina, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Wrolen, Mrs. Horn, and Mr. Wielgus.  We are looking forward to another exciting basketball season next year!

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