• Henry S. Evans Elementary will begin using the Conflict Resolution program. This curriculum will allow children to help others at school deal with conflicts that arise during the course of a school week. The High Ability children at Evans have been enlisted to help start the program, and those that volunteered were trained over the past two weeks. They will become the Conflict Managers at our school. This group of dedicated individuals, under the guidance of Mr. Childs, will become the first of their kind in over ten years.

    "As we start this program, I will be heavily involved with the entire conflict resolution process. I will be modeling how to effectively interact with children who are involved in a conflict with another student and basically supporting the kids as they try to become successful conflict managers," Mr. Childs said.

    If you know a student that you think would make a good Conflict Manager, you may nominate them by printing out the Conflict Manager Nomination Form.
Last Modified on November 25, 2009