• River Forest Virtual Academy

    Experience Ingot Pride from Home!

    A one of a kind opportunity combining the benefits of campus life

    and home schooling with a caring local school community.


    Dear Parents,

    River Forest Community Schools is proud to announce the opening of River Forest Virtual Academy for our district and the surrounding communities beginning in January 2014. The Virtual Academy will allow students to work from home (grades 7-12) through a dynamic user-friendly platform.  The parents (legal guardian) of interested Virtual School students must email Jeremy Moore at moorej@rfcsc.k12.in.us to make an appointment for registration in the Virtual Academy. Attached to the email you must provide a current transcript and the reason you feel the Virtual School setting is the most appropriate for the student of interest.


    River Forest Virtual Academy students will:

    ·      Have the unique opportunity of participating in extra-curricular programs at the Junior Senior High School

    (Sports, Auxiliary, Cheer leading, Honor Society, Academic Decathlon Teams, Intra-murals, etc.)

    ·      Work from home, while being enrolled in a home school (River Forest), and receive a River Forest High School diploma. 

    Earn an actual GPA and walk with your class in our beautiful graduation ceremony!

    ·      Earn an Indiana General, Core 40, or Honors Diploma.

    ·      Have the opportunity to take classes at the High School if desired;

    AP and Dual Credit Classes are also available (parent transportation to and from school is required).

    ·      Allow students to take all state assessments (ISTEP, ECA, PSAT) locally. 

    No need to drive to Indianapolis! 

    ·      Be able to communicate with River Forest teachers as needed for coursework

    and also connect with counselors or administrators for additional support.  

    ·      Allow students to retake failed courses to ensure graduation on time.

    ·      Have the ability to work towards early graduation.