Principal Horka River Forest Families, 

        Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! My name is Randy Horka and I am honored and privileged to serve as the Principal of River Forest Middle School. My number one goal is to build and foster the relationships between our students, teachers, families and community members of River Forest. The attitude of the people and the quality of the education is what drew me to this position. 

        This educational community has developed the close-knit family feel and my job is to find my own place within the community. There will be some changes, but I see this as the fresh start to begin a path of many futures successes.

         Dr. Disney, and his team of faculty and staff, have built a solid reputation across our region that I found admirable and intriguing. Throughout my professional career, I would seek out the successes of great leaders like Dr. Disney, Mr. Trezak, and Mr. Wielgus to serve as my role models. I had always known River Forest to be a unique and special place to live and work.

       I started my journey as a student at Highland High School, then attended Purdue University West Lafayette where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Education, specifically Social Studies and Physical Education. After I began teaching, I looked to the administrative leaders and found that they could make a profound impact on the student body, by becoming a teacher of teachers. After seven years of teaching, I decided to return to school and obtained my Master's in School Administration from Purdue. This was the start of one of the most exciting and rewarding times in my life. 

        As an administrator, I found I could be the link between parents, teachers, community members, and most importantly, our students. My goal is to guide and support our student body so they will hold their academic career in high regard and immerse themselves into the school culture. 

         I believe that academics are the number one priority and preparing for graduation the being our focal point, but another aspect in developing that school culture is athletics. I believe our student athletes can rally their peers and community members with one goal...practice, play, defeat, all while studying hard and maintaining stellar grades.

       My goals for River Forest Middle School cover many facets and I consider them to be all-encompassing. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the middle school teams, to build the River Forest Middle School from the ground up. We have this unique opportunity to create a vision, implement our ideas, and watch our school flourish. The faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni have reached out in ways that were very touching and built my confidence and promise for a great future. I want to spread the message to the community that our students have the "River Forest Advantage". What we have is something rare and precious. A small, close knit community that has rallied around our school and shows devotion like I have never witnessed before in my career. I will work with all of my students, taking a special interest in guiding my senior class to graduation day. I know together we can "Win the Day", everyday, and continue that positive reputation across the region! 

    Contact me at rhorka@rfcsc.k12.in.us or follow me on Twitter for Ingot news and information @RFprincipal

    All In,

    Randall J. Horka