• K-5 "Experience Online" internet links provide opportunities for keyboarding, mouse skills, navigation, drag and drop and highlight/select text .  These  links provide opportunities for students to practice skills needed for ISTEP+ part 2.  (Posted by John Wolf - IDOE)

    Keyboard Practice: Type to Learn

    1st Grade Friendly Definitions
    • Mouse-tool that allows you to move around your computer.
    • Cursor-Usually a small arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse.
    • Click- Using your pointer finger to select items on the screen.
    • Symbol-a picture that shows something else like an arrow, stop button or play button.
    • Select-Choosing something on a website or program.
    • Drag and Drop- Is clicking on something that you would like to move across the screen.
    • Link (Hyperlink)- usually text or a picture that a link will take you to view a new site, video, picture on any other file. 
    Keyboarding Zoo Students will practice finding the keys on the keyboard.
    Keyboard Climber Students will navigate the website to begin and type keys that appear.

    Mouse SkillsMouse practice lessons 

    Magical Capitals

    Allows students to practice their understanding of capitalization and mouse skills.

    Color, Draw and Paint
    Gives students the opportunity drawing lines, circles and navigating buttons with their mouse.
    Balloon Pop Subtraction Allows students the opportunity to practice subtraction while they practice their mouse skills.

    Navigation: Navigating through lessons