Here at Henry S. Evans we believe that every child can succeed in life. That is why we have written these vision and mission statements:

Our Vision:

We give our best today to improve all of our tomorrows!

Our Mission:

Henry S. Evans Elementary School is committed to ensuring that all students have the skills and the drive needed to: --set goals, --overcome obstacles, --reach his/her highest academic potential, --contribute meaningfully to the school community, and --to demonstrate respect, responsibility, integrity, and pride.

Our Beliefs:

1.Each student will achieve his or her greatest potential and build a solid foundation for future success

2.Teachers will provide a safe, caring environment where positive values are promoted and instructional programs are adopted to optimize student success

3.Staff will provide all students with the tools to become productive and responsible citizens

4.Staff will provide a learning environment that will ensure all learners, children, and adults grow and succeed

5.Students will be taught skills that will allow them to be respectful, productive participants in their education

6.Students will be taught skills that will enable them to be cooperative, tolerant, and accepting individuals

7.Students will be taught skills that will allow them to cooperatively work in groups

8.Students will be taught organizational skills that will enable them to achieve their personal best

9.Students will learn to be sensitive to others needs

10. Students will learn to encourage others to achieve

11. Students will learn goal setting skills and how persistence allows them to succeed

12. Students will learn problem solving skills

13. Students will learn how to take responsibility for their actions

14. Students will learn to show respect at all times to their peers and adults

15. Students will learn to develop their reasoning skills

16. Students will become lifelong learners

17. Students will develop higher level thinking skills

18. Staff believes that students are our first priority

19. Students will gain strength and character while at Evans

20. Positive attitude will foster positive performance

21. Staff will provide the students with the necessary tools to become responsible learners

22. Students will learn to participate to the best of their individual abilities

23. Students will learn to display good sportsmanship

24. Students will develop into self-sufficient individuals

25. Students will develop into independent learners and thinkers