About Evans Elementary School

Evans School is the westernmost of our five schools. Our school shares a boundary with the Gary School System (Mississippi St.) U.S. 6 (Ridge Rd.) separates us from the Hobart Schools.

Evans is the only school with a Lake Station mailing address. (2915 E. 35th Ave., Lake Station, IN 46405) Evans has averaged 325 students over the last five years.

Evans is accredited by the N.C.A., and has made A.Y.P. (Annual Yearly Progress) as prescribed by the federal N.C.L.B. laws every year since the inception of the law.

Evans has long held the nickname of the Panthers. Like its tenacious mascot, our students concentrate on strengths not weaknesses. In spite of the highest free lunch rate in the corporation (81%), Evans School achieved its highest attendance rate ever (95.9) in 2003-2004. Also, Evans ISTEP scores over the last 2 years. (02-03 & 03-04) averaged 75%, which exceeded the state average.

In the 2004-2005 school year, Evans hosted 49% minority and 51% white students. We are proud of our diverse student population, and we feel this environment will prepare our students for the diverse world that they will enter.