Founded in 1895, the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) is a non-governmental, voluntary organization that accredits more than 9,000 public and private schools in 19 states, the Navajo Nation, and the Department of Defense Dependents" Schools worldwide. For over 100 years, our focus has been to advance the quality of education. Our Vision, Mission, and Values are available online.

You may remember us as having been called the NCA Commission on Schools. In 2001 we changed our name to the Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. A document about the reasoning behind the change and the meaning of the new name is online.

NCA CASI Performance Accreditation

To earn NCA CASI accreditation, schools must:

Meet NCA CASI"s quality standard and criteria.

The standard and criteria require a broad and rigorous curriculum, highly qualified staff, appropriate pupil-teacher ratios, safe and secure facilities, and other components necessary to provide a quality education. The complete standard and criteria is online.

Implement a school improvement plan focused on increasing student performance.

Host at least two peer review/evaluation visits during the school improvement cycle.

Document the results of their school improvement efforts.

Because the NCA CASI accreditation process is geared to helping schools document increased student performance, it is called the Performance Accreditation framework.

Benefits of NCA CASI Accreditation

NCA CASI accreditation provides:

A Mark of Excellence

NCA CASI accreditation assures the public that the school is meeting high quality standards and implementing a school improvement plan focused on increasing student performance.

Transfer of Credits

NCA CASI accreditation provides students with the assurance that credits earned in one NCA school will be accepted by another regionally accredited school if the student moves to another state.

Access to Programs and Scholarships

Accreditation can also benefit students as they participate in specific sports programs, apply for federal grants or scholarships, or pursue admission to colleges, technical schools, or military programs that require students to come from regionally accredited schools.

A Vehicle to Meet State and Federal Requirements

NCA CASI provides one, streamlined process that helps schools meet state and federal requirements while earning regional accreditation.