Program Overview:

The River Forest/Lake Station academic alternative program provides a self-paced curriculum, utilizing technology to remediate and accelerate when mastery is demonstrated. The learning environment is designed to ensure student growth, assisting students toward mastery of Academic Standards, which will lead to graduation. It allows high school students to obtain credit to maintain their status with their cohort. Our alternative program is designed to help those discouraged or unsuccessful in the traditional classroom setting, giving them an opportunity to make a difference in their education.

Alternative Program's Mission Statement:

By using a positive attitude and hard work, we plan to accomplish our goals to be successful in life.

Useful Information about the River 

Forest/ Lake Station Alternative Program

Our Goal
  • The overall goal of the River Forest/Lake Station alternative progam is to give students the opportunity to be successful in school. The progam is geared toward those who have not found academic success, and who want to make a difference in their education. Our program serves approximately 30 students from both River Forest High School and Thomas A. Edison Jr./Sr. High School. Along with the help of a director, behavioral specialist and paraprofessional, our goal is to help students make progress in both the classroom and in life after school as well.
Students Who May Be Eligible
  • The focus is on those students who have been disruptive in the classroom, are lacking credits and need alternative approaches to learning. All referrals will be reviewed individually to assure the alternative program provides the students an opportunity for success. Below are examples of the criteria to qualify for eligibility:
  1. Student intends to withdraw or has withdrawn before graduation.
  2. Student has failed to comply academically and would benefit from instruction
  3. offered in a different manner from the traditional school setting.
  4. Student is a parent or expectant parent.
  5. Student is a disruptive student.


  • Number of classes to be determined – all core classes. Software is aligned to state standards, Core 40 courses are available; to be delivered through A+ software. Student must obtain 80% accuracy and 100% completion to receive credit.


  • At all times the following staff members will be on site: One director/facilitator (must hold a valid Indiana teachers license), one aide and one full-time behavioral specialist.


  • Those enrolled in the academic alternative program will follow River Forest High School Student Conduct Codes with addition of specific policies related to the program.


  • Attendance rate will meet or exceed school attendance rate; decrease number of suspensions in the high school; decrease the number of expulsions in school corporation; decrease number of drop outs at the high school.


  • Parents/Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program. Those Lake Station student's attending the morning session have the opportunity to be dropped off at River Forest High School by bus service. The bus leaves from Thomas A. Edison Jr./Sr. High School at approximately 7:40 A.M.

Classroom Rules & Guidelines

  • üDoctor’s appointment accompanied by a note
  • üCollege visit
    • ü9th unexcused absence- 1 day of in-school suspension
    • ü11th unexcused absence- expulsion process begins 2.Cell phones:

      a.Absolutely no cell phones in class.

  • b.If you get caught using or checking a cell phone, the following consequences will be applied:

    i.1st offense- phone taken, referral written, you can pick up your phone after your session

    ii.2nd offense- phone taken, referral written, 1 day ISS, parent picks up phone.

    iii.3rd offense- phone taken, referral written, 1 day OSS, parent picks up phone.

    iv.4th offense- phone taken, referral written, more than 1 day OSS, parent picks up phone.

    3.Testing policy:

    a.All tests can only be taken two times, including practice tests.

    4.No food or drinks at any time near the computers!!!!

    5.No nonsense means no swearing or disrespect to staff, peers, or yourself.


    a.Bathroom breaks are before school, break time, or after school only.

Community Service

Any enrolled student will have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the community while attending the River Forest/Lake Station alternative program. We strive to make a difference both inside and outside of the classroom, as it has been shown in the past activities students have participated in. Over the past year, students have volunteered to clean up community parks, donated their time to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana, adopted United States military pen pals, and most recently, operated a food drive to help feed the less fortunate with great success. Each activity allows students the chance to give back to the community they grew up in, and one in which they now attend school. At the conclusion of each semester, students are evaluated on their participation, and if they meet the required benchmarks, earn a credit on their report card, which is also sent to their respective home school. The community service component to our alternative program allows students to not only further their education through positive actions, but gives them the opportunity to make a difference outside of the classroom.