All final exams must be taken at River Forest Jr./Sr. High School, and will be administered by Mr. Cullison. Students are to enter the building through the main entrance and inform an office staff member. Students can use all or any notes they took during the duration of each course to assist them in the final exam. Notes used on the final exam may not be practice test questions and answers that students have written down. Students will have all the time they need to complete as many final exams as they chose to take. Upon completion, students should inform the program facilitator they took the test with that they have completed. it. At the high school level, new classes will be assigned at that time.

If you have completed all lessons necessary to take a final exam, please email Mr. Cullison or call River Forest Jr./Sr. High School to set up a day and time in which you can come in to take the test.

Mr. Cullison- ccullison@rfcsc.k12.in.us

River Forest Jr./Sr. High School Phone Number

(219) 962-7551