RFCSC Comprehensive Plan

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Vision Statement
Graduates of River Forest High School are empowered to succeed in the 21st Century.

Mission Statement
The River Forest School Community is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement where we develop a commitment toward effective learning geared toward 21st Century College and Career Readiness.

Our Vision
Graduates of River Forest High School will be equipped and empowered with the drive to succeed in their future endeavors. The River Forest School Community is invested in creating a culture of continuous improvement where we develop a commitment of effective learning geared toward College and Career Readiness.

The rationale behind our desire to implement a 1:1 digital learning plan across all grades levels is two-fold. One, we want to provide competitive advantages for student learning. Two, we want our teachers to obtain the necessary knowledge to implement digital strategies in their classrooms. By focusing on these two items, our students will be prepared for the careers of today as well as careers that have yet to be imagined.

Our transition to digital teaching and learning begins with providing teachers and students dynamic classroom access to mobile devices. It will continue as an ongoing initiative to support teachers and students as innovative, digital learners well prepared to succeed in all areas of our global society.

Our Devices

Lenovo Chromebooks
We are currently 1:1 in our High School English Language Arts Department (Grades 9-12) with a Chromebook cart for each teacher (4 carts of 30 and 1 station of 15 = 135 devices). Five additional chromebook carts are available for usage by other high school classes. In our Middle School, we have 6 chromebook carts and each elementary building has 7 carts. Additionally, our 3rd-5th grade classrooms have 5 designated chromebooks per classroom.

The next step in our transition to 1:1 will be providing devices to the Middle School English Language Arts Department. We hope to accomplish this step before the end of the 2017-18 school year. With a total of 1,100 Chromebooks our district is making exponential strides towards 1:1.

OUR Learning Management System Google Classroom

Our Network
RFCSC has a robust infrastructure and we are prepared to support a 1:1 environment. Our network consists of 1 GB private fiber connecting all of our facilities to our internal network. We have a 300 MBPS internet connection. Each classroom has a Meraki Wireless AP.

Our Grant
Before receiving the Innovative Planning Grant, we formed a district technology team of technology personnel, district and building level administration, and teachers to begin working and meeting together monthly. The grant allowed us to partner with Five Star Technology to facilitate the development of our vision and define our focus for effective technology integration. Our process began with an IMPACT Analysis which consisted of information gathered through surveying students and staff as well as classroom observations. Using the survey results and observations we were able to clearly define our areas of greatest need and work together to create resources to empower teachers to utilize technology in their classrooms. The team has been working to update technology policies and practices across all River Forest Schools. The district technology team has taken an active role in representing our vision and focus in all buildings as well as in leading professional development.

Our district also partnered with Five Star Technology to complete a comprehensive infrastructure audit to ensure our district is prepared to facilitate a 1:1 implementation.


The goal of professional development at River Forest is to support teachers as 21st century learners and to increase teacher effectiveness and student learning by maximizing digital learning opportunities. Professional development is an essential element to successful implementation to our 1:1 initiative. Opportunities for professional development currently consist of a combination of onsite and online trainings. River Forest worked in partnership with Five-Star to establish a comprehensive professional development plan according to the individual needs of our teachers. Our goal is for teachers and students to effectively use technology to reach their academic goals.

Members of our administration, technology team, and classroom teachers have had the opportunity to attend conferences and professional development opportunities across the state including:

  • Teachers Navigating Technology (TNT)

  • Ditch That Textbook

  • Summer of eLearning

  • Hoosier Educational Coordinators Conference (HECC)

  • Differentiated professional development plans at each building

  • Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) Focus Forum

  • Lead-In Cohort

  • Go Open Summit- free resources to replace textbooks

  • Curriculum development

  • Five-Star meetings

Building Level Action Plans

Based on our Innovative Learner Priorities

Henry S. Evans Elementary School

John I. Meister Elementary

River Forest Middle School

River Forest High School