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Student Expectations and Responsibilities

Communication- Most of online communication is done through writing. It is vitally important in an online class that you communicate well, because your instructor cannot see the look on your face or hear your voice. You will be responsible for being persistent about asking questions or asking for help when you don't understand something.

Time Commitment -

Make sure to “pace” yourself in order to finish the class on time.

Commit up to 8 hours per week to work on a class. (Remember: traditional classes meet approximately 5 hours per week.) During Summer Session, the time commitment is even greater due to the condensed time frame of the class. Students should consider 16-20 hours per week during the Summer School session.

Set deadlines for yourself and follow them!

Schedule regular study times during the week.

Regular, short periods of working time are better than long stints of cramming.

Reading –Because almost all of the directions and information in an online class is in the form of written words, it is very important that you read both carefully and thoroughly. Also keep in mind that your instructor will be reading what you write just as carefully, so take care to proofread what you have written before you submit it!

Participate –In an online class, it is not enough just to log in. You need to “speak up” so that your instructor and your classmates know you are there! That means asking questions, reading and sending e-mail, and posting your comments,questions and concerns on the message boards.

Patience –As much as you may want your question answered right away, you will often have to wait up to 48 hours for a response from your instructor. Please try to be patient. Make a note of where you left off in the assignment, where you had a question, and go on with something else until your question has been answered.

Internet &Computer - Make sure that your Internet connection and computer are both working and stable! Have a plan “B” if it is not – where else could you go to work? Is the public library or school an option? “My computer crashed” is not an acceptable reason to drop or fail your online class.

Don't give up! –Some students may find taking an online class very challenging for a number of different reasons. Be persistent about trying again and asking for help. Ignoring a problem will never make it go away!

Additional Responsibilities

The student must have an active e-mail address, daily Internet access andpossess computer skills to include working knowledge of Microsoft Word,Excel and PowerPoint or similar programs. It is strongly

recommended to have high speed cable or DSL internet access.

The student must be

self-motivated and self-disciplined

The student must be able to make a personal commitment to the class.

The student must be an independent learner and have good time management skills