Schoolwide Title I Services. For many years, River Forest schools were called Targeted-Assistance schools and received money from the Federal and State government for instructional services in addition to instruction that students receive in their regular classroom. Targeted-Assistance schools mean that students were grouped for extra services based upon data collected from various tests as well as from teacher referrals. The students stayed in the program until current tests were given to indicate student progress and that there was no need for further extra support services. As Targeted-Assistance schools, only Title students could use materials bought with Title money. Currently, both River Forest schools are designated as

“School-wide Title” schools. This means that ALL students can receive extra help anytime throughout the school year and that ALL students can use the materials bought with Title money. Receiving Title support from Title staff is based upon various tests, such as the State ISTEP test, Benchmark Testing administered three times per year, and/or weekly tests by the classroom teacher and also by teacher referrals. This is not a Special Education service! Title I instruction offers extra practice as needed by a student. In fact, this year while some students are receiving additional practice, other students may be receiving help for enrichment and acceleration by other staff. The newly configured River Forest Middle School is currently a Targeted Assistance Title I school. This means only identified Title I students can receive services. Title I services are provided to students who qualify based on a "rank and serve" model, based on three data points, a reading comprehension assessment, NWEA MAP Reading Test, and a STAR Reading score.

Title III Services. When students are enrolled at River Forest schools, parents complete a parent survey, called the Home Language Survey. One of the questions is about what language or languages does the student speak at home. If the student speaks any language other than English or speaks English and a second language, then by law the student is given a language placement test, called LAS LINKS, which tells us if the student would benefit from some additional help with using English in their studies. River Forest receives additional Federal and State money to provide some additional instruction by an instructor who understands both English and Spanish (or a second foreign language).

Important Information for Parents. There are two pieces of important information that parents should know about. The first is a brochure about Federal legislation called the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. This brochure describes parent rights for their child’s education. Included in this information is a parent’s right to know about the qualifications of staff who work with their child. The second piece of information is the list of State Standards of curriculum that is taught at each grade level. When you hear about your child taking the ISTEP test (grades 3-8) in the Spring, this is the test that measures how well students are doing at mastering these standards. Both of these pieces of information are available from several places. Each school office will be receiving copies of these. The Title classroom of each school will receive copies. For those of you who have access to the Internet, you can find them on the Indiana Department of Education website. Lastly, another piece of valuable information on the Department of Education website is a Reading List for each grade level. The No Child Left Behind law can also be found on the United States Department of Education website. We have included in this packet and on our District website the information on qualifications of teachers who instruct your child. However, if you do not have access to a computer, you can ask for a copy of the entire materials from your school. We will be glad to provide them to you upon request.

Title I Parent Complaint Procedures

Complaint Form to Request Meeting with Principal

Complaint Form to Request Meeting with Superintendent

Complaint Form Notification Sate and Board

For more information you may contact your local elementary school or the Title I/Title III Office at 219-962-7751. (Office of Title Programs: Gina Wagenblast, Title Director (x3052), Dr. James Thorne, Assistant Superintendent (219-962-2909), Lilliana Sanford, Title Secretary (x3100)