Title I, Title III, and High Ability Services

We take great pride in the Title I, Title III, and High Ability Programs that have been established at River Forest Community School Corporation.

Our Title I program provides additional academic support to help low-achieving students master challenging curricula and meet state standards in core academic subjects. The program objectives focus on reading and mathematics in assisting students to improve academically by incorporating supplemental services during and after school. Our highly qualified staff is an integral part of our program in providing an optimal education in closing the achievement gap between high and low performing students. Title I is part of the No Child Left Behind legislation that provides supplemental federal funding to school corporations for low achieving children in schools that provide free and reduced lunches for disadvantaged students.

Our Title III program offers academic support to students who qualify for language development services beyond the regular classroom instruction. The program focuses on oral and written language skills. Eligibility for Title III services is based upon information provided by parents on the Home Language Survey, which is completed upon enrolling a student in any Indiana public school, and a placement test called Las Links.

The High Ability Program for students in grades K-12 is an acceleration program in the core subjects of Reading and Math on the elementary level and on Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies on the secondary level. The State of Indiana requires that a nominated student be tested with an academic skills test and a cognitive reasoning test. At River Forest, we use Terra Nova as our academic skills test and InView as our cognitive test. Eligibility for High Ability services is based upon a student score of 90% or higher on the Terra Nova and a score of 113 or above on the InView test.

Title I, Title III, and High Ability inquiries can be made to:

Director of Title Programs & Grants and High Ability Education
River Forest Community School Corporation
3300 Indiana Street
Hobart, IN 46342