River Forest News

September 24, 2019

Today, it was reported that a student had a gun in school. Within minutes, administration located the student who admitted that he did bring a gun in to school. The weapon was located and the student was immediately isolated and turned over to local law enforcement. 

There were no threats made to the school, staff, or other students, still, the law was broken and police had to be notified. Indiana law has specific requirements for people who bring weapons
to school buildings and schools are required to follow those rules. We are impressed and would expect nothing less than the fact that the administration followed those requirements in perfect detail.

We are also proud of the fact that we have students who are willing to report what they see, teachers who are willing to take school safety serious and report it, and administration/law enforcement personnel who act on behalf of all as true heroes. 

River Forest is a very special place, and, all of the aforementioned represent the good things about going to a small school; In general, we personally believe we are safer because of our size. So, what precautions are taken to make all River Forest Schools safe?

River Forest has maintained a School Resource Officer in conjunction with the Lake Station Police for the last five years without a break in service. This is made possible by federal grants. This officer is scheduled to be on school grounds during days students are in attendance.

All schools operate with locked doors and strict visitor requirements.

River Forest has an articulated safety plan that went through a full audit last year and passed with the highest approval – this is required by the State. Routine drills are conducted that are aimed at the safety of all students in River Forest Schools.

There are eight (8) fully certified school safety specialists with at least one at every school. River Forest administration and law enforcement members routinely participate in the Lake County Safe Schools Commission meetings.

Please speak with your children about the importance of speaking up when something is not right. There is a popular slogan used by the Department of Homeland Security – “See Something, Say Something”. Students or anyone on school grounds should always feel that they will be heard and supported and that administration will follow through when a report is made. This, in and of itself, is the most important thing that can help our schools in
being the safest they can be.

Thanks and gratitude to all involved.

Dr. Steve C. Disney Kevin M. Trezak
Superintendent Assistant Superintendent and School Safety Specialist

River Forest Rapid Response to September 24th Incident